Sunday, January 31, 2010

something new over break

For this next blog entry I want to tell you, readers about iPods, but not just iPods in general but about iPod busted. I recently just bought a new iPod over the holidays, the iPod touch 32GB. The reason I needed a new iPod is because the audio jack and usb jack in my original iPod stopped working. Once my iPod stopped working and I realized I couldn’t get it fixed due to the warranty expiring, I was back to playing CDs. CD players suck. There an out of date technology. Mp3 players are taking over. When I first got my iPod in tenth grade it was the coolest shit. I had over 3,000 songs in about seven months. I listened to it all the time up till it stopped playing sound. I tried everything I could to try and fix it, but didn’t have any luck. I was pissed.

As I said, I recently just got the iPod touch. The touch can do so much more than my old iPod could ever do. It can play games, movies, internet browsing, and obviously play music. The first day with the new iPod I synced all my music and videos and put lots of different applications on it. Applications are the games and things like that. There’s a millions of different apps that can be synced to the touch. One of the coolest apps I put on my iPod was the Nazi Zombie game. As you know from previous posts Call of Duty Nazi Zombies is the shit. The iPod version of the game isn’t as good as the regular one, but it’s still cool I can play it anywhere.

Another thing I like about the touch is the touch screen. It’s much faster and efficient than the scroller and buttons. One flick of the finger and your music playlist flies up the screen. The iPod touch also is wifi compatible. It’s able to detect internet connection and connect wirelessly. This is a handy function in case you want to check email, MySpace, facebook, or look up movie show times. I’m glad my old one broke because now I have a much more new and advanced mp3 player.


  1. I can remember when CDs first came out. They were so much better than playing a tape. Now that we have iPods it is so much easier to use. Because on sides if you didn’t like a song you had to change it by hand now with the iPods you can pick what goes on and what doesn’t. It is so much more convent. I can remember when a new CD came out and everyone one was so excited to get. Now you can get a song you like right at home. The iPod touch has internet so that is a nice too. You can use it whenever you need it. Or if you need to tell someone something you can get on MySpace or facebook really fast.

  2. My younger sister just recently got an ipod touch from my dad and mom for Christmas. She was so excited to get music and her games on it. She had never had ipod before. She had an MP3 player that she thought was the best thing ever until she got her ipod touch. Now whenever you see her she always has her ipod touch. It's like a part of her.

  3. Wow, you know I feel so old now that I think about it. I remember the switch from cassettes to CD’s. It seems like forever ago. Especially, since I’ve had my Sansa mp3 player now for a couple of years. I still get CD’s now and then but they just end up getting scratched. I’ve had a lot of friends who said they like their iPod touches and I think they’re pretty cool. But I just don’t have the money for one let alone anything else. I figure they can’t be much different than using my touch screen phone, which also has apps on it like the iPod touch.

  4. The iPod makes my drive in to Newark from Columbus bearable on those hideous days. Music and podcasts often keep me sane.