Monday, February 22, 2010

New Phone

I am soon due for a phone update and for this week’s blog I am going to write about the type of phone I might choose and other possible phones I want. My cell phone provider is Sprint and I have the Samsung Rant as my cell phone now. It took me awhile to get used to the phone at first but now I am really used to it. My contract for the phone is about to end here in a couple months and so that means I get to choose a new phone.

My mom just got a new phone update and she got the new Blackberry. I’ve looked at her phone and all its neat features and think that might be the phone I want. It has email, internet, and video capabilities and is a really functional phone. However I was also thinking about getting a phone that has touch screen capabilities. A couple blog posts ago I wrote about how I got my IPod touch and how I like the touch screen. Touch screen is much smoother to use and you don’t have to worry about pocket calling someone. One of the phones that not available from Sprint that I may consider is the Iphone. If I do end up choosing the Iphone I will have to change my cell provider to AT&T. But considering price wise I don’t know if I want to switch or not. The iphone would be around three hundred dollars compared to the hundred and fifty dollars with the Blackberry.

The Blackberry has buttons and a qwerty keyboard unlike the iphone. It also has a scroller that is sort of like a little touch pad. I like this because its fast like a touch screen, it lets you zoom from tab to tab and page to page. Although I really do like the iphone best out of all the phones to choose from I can’t afford to get it. I think the Blackberry is the phone I am going to go with for the update because of its price difference. It’s not as cool as the iphone but it’s still the coolest I can choose from.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

phones and driving

For this week’s blog entry I decided to touch upon texting and driving and the negative outcomes that could come along with it. I choose this to write about because I myself have had a bad outcome from texting and driving. This experience happened around last summer one morning on my way to school. I had left my house around 7:48am and had to be in class by 8:00am, so I was running kind of late. I rushed out of the house and peeled out of the driveway. On this early morning me and my girl had gotten into a nasty fight and were fighting through text messaging. I was getting angry and frustrated and wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing on the road, but naturally I was driving at a fast speed in order to make it to my scheduled class on time.

After I had pulled out on to state route 79 here in Heath, the conversation on the phone had reached a boiling point and I had no focus on my surroundings in the car. So as I was sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green, I was also waiting on another bitchy text message. The light turned green eventually and I peeled out yet again. After I had taken off, I then got the text message I’d been waiting for and without hesitation preceded to respond. Not paying attention to the road, I glanced up from my phone and cars were pulling right out in front of me. I had liked a split second to turn and try and dodge the turning vehicles. I panicked and swerved the wheel to the left and barley got past a Honda CR-V before it nicked my rear end. After calming down after the shock that just happened, I realized that it had been my fault for the near collision. I had run the red light because I hadn’t been paying attention to the road or the traffic lights. It’s so easy to get caught up in your phone and have no clue about the things going on around you. I could have easily been killed had I not looked up at that exact moment. Texting and driving can be really dangerous. You may not think so until you yourself have a personal experience.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Movies The Easy Way

For this next blog I choose to write about being able to watch and rent movies without even having to leave your house. As everyone knows renting DVDs from local video rental stores (Blockbuster, Movie Gallery) can be expensive. Last week I subscribed to an online movie rental site called Netflix.

Netflix is a cheap and easy website for watching and renting movies. Its only $8.00 a month for unlimited movie rental. You can either request for the movie you want on a disc or you can watch it instantly. Renting DVDs only takes two to three business days to get to your house. My preference for Netflix is watching the movie instantly by streaming it on the internet. This is really convenient because instead of having to wait for the movie or go to the store and waste extra money and gas, you can watch it with just a click on the mouse.

It’s also possible to hook the computer up to a TV and watch the movie on a bigger screen. Most laptops today have HDMI connections and all that is needed is a HDMI cord to plug in the laptop to the TV. One disadvantage to watching movies instantly is if you have a slow internet connection the movie will sometimes pause to load. This can get annoying because you can get really interested into the movie and then it just stops randomly to buffer (load). It’s sort of like a small commercial break, but without the advertisements.

Netflix is over all a better and less expensive way to rent movies. Every time I go to Blockbuster to get some movies, I end up spending like $15.00 for only four movies, which is a rip off. Some stores also have late fees for not returning the movie on time, Netflix doesn’t have late fees. You’re allowed to keep the movies for as long as you want to. This is convenient because sometimes you don’t have time to watch the movie. Netflix is defiantly the best way to rent and watch movies.