Sunday, January 31, 2010

something new over break

For this next blog entry I want to tell you, readers about iPods, but not just iPods in general but about iPod busted. I recently just bought a new iPod over the holidays, the iPod touch 32GB. The reason I needed a new iPod is because the audio jack and usb jack in my original iPod stopped working. Once my iPod stopped working and I realized I couldn’t get it fixed due to the warranty expiring, I was back to playing CDs. CD players suck. There an out of date technology. Mp3 players are taking over. When I first got my iPod in tenth grade it was the coolest shit. I had over 3,000 songs in about seven months. I listened to it all the time up till it stopped playing sound. I tried everything I could to try and fix it, but didn’t have any luck. I was pissed.

As I said, I recently just got the iPod touch. The touch can do so much more than my old iPod could ever do. It can play games, movies, internet browsing, and obviously play music. The first day with the new iPod I synced all my music and videos and put lots of different applications on it. Applications are the games and things like that. There’s a millions of different apps that can be synced to the touch. One of the coolest apps I put on my iPod was the Nazi Zombie game. As you know from previous posts Call of Duty Nazi Zombies is the shit. The iPod version of the game isn’t as good as the regular one, but it’s still cool I can play it anywhere.

Another thing I like about the touch is the touch screen. It’s much faster and efficient than the scroller and buttons. One flick of the finger and your music playlist flies up the screen. The iPod touch also is wifi compatible. It’s able to detect internet connection and connect wirelessly. This is a handy function in case you want to check email, MySpace, facebook, or look up movie show times. I’m glad my old one broke because now I have a much more new and advanced mp3 player.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Technology Eventually Fails

Something I learned being born in a technology fiending generation is that technology isn’t meant to last forever. Computers, video game consoles, cell phones, iPods, etc. will all eventually wear down and stop working. Things over time will need replaced. For instance my Xbox 360 just recently stopped working.

I came to realize my Xbox wasn’t acting correctly about three months ago and it gradually got worse up until it now doesn’t function at all. It started with the console running slower. Controls and the response time took longer and longer upon start up. So as the console gradually kept getting worse and worse, I kept trying to do things that would possibly prevent it from burning out completely. Such as blowing dust out of the cooling fans and controller openings and wire hookups. This did make things run a little smoother, but only temporarily.

So around four days ago I went to turn my Xbox on and it wouldn’t do anything. It was finally broke. It wouldn’t read movies or games and things took outrageously long to load. So hoping someone might know the problem with the Xbox, I went to Best Buy to have it looked at. Come to find out from some techies from Geek Squad, the disc drive burned up. The disc drive is the device inside the Xbox that reads and plays the content on the console. I was also informed that this happened due to the amount of usage I played the Xbox. In other words I played too much.

Regrettably even though I found the problem with it, Geek Squad told me that they couldn’t do anything to fix it. They said that I would have to go through Microsoft to get it repaired. After learning all this information I went home with the Xbox and proceeded to contact Microsoft support. I eventually got in contact with someone from Microsoft and they walked me through on how to get my Xbox repaired. It was an online process that took an about 45 minutes to do. I had to answer questions about my problem and financial information. Such as serial numbers, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Once I completed the tasks and entered in credit card information, I was emailed a UPS shipping label. My Xbox is going to be sent to a place in Texas to be repaired. The emailed also notified me saying that it would be about two to three weeks before I would get my Xbox 360 back.

Since my Xbox was out of warranty the repair is going to cost $106.99. This is, I guess better than having to buy a whole new Xbox, but still is a setback financially. I am currently excited about getting the problem fixed and can’t wait to get it back fully functional.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

...Computer Problem.

For this next blog entry I’m going to talk about a game I used to play, and problems I went through to play it. I started playing the online computer game World of Warcraft in high school after I got my first laptop. A couple of friends told me how fun the game was, so I took an interest. My mom had bought my laptop as an early graduation gift because I was going to go to college right after high school.

So now that I had my own computer I went ahead and subscribed to World of Warcraft and set up an account. I wasn’t good at first and it took awhile to understand how to play the game but it was fun. However once I got better at it and began understanding what to do the game became addicting. I started to play every day. After about four months of playing “WOW” as some call it, I found out that excessive playing can burn a laptop up. This was a problem that I didn’t want to happen because I needed my laptop for school. I talked to my brother about the problem and he said I could have his old desktop computer. However the computer was out of date and needed to be cleaned up.

The memory was full and I needed a lot of RAM to install my game on it. I erased everything on the hard drive, updated the operating system, and installed a larger hard drive for more space. I then installed my game and came across another problem. The desktop had windows 98 and I needed a more up to date/newer version of windows in order to play the game. I went to Best Buy and bought the newest version available of windows. After successfully updating it all I could now resume playing the game. It took a lot of time to get it all set up on the desktop but it was worth it and probably saved my laptop from taking a shit on me. I eventually leveled the character to its max and quit playing the game.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cell Phones

Cell phones are one of the most used forms of technology in the world today. Cell phones have evolved immensely since 1983, both in design and function. From the first phone which only had one hour of talk time to the iphone 3G which can take a picture, play a video, or run one of the thousands of applications from the Apple Store. There are thousands of models of cell phones that have been developed between 1983 and now. Cell phones started out with the first generation. Motorola introduced the DynaTAC mobile phone October 13, 1983 and was dubbed the “Brick”. The first commercial cellular system begins operating in Chicago in 1983. First Generation only allowed one hour of talk time and eight hours of standby. It wasn’t long before the second generation cell phones were developed, creating more advanced batteries and more energy efficient electronics. The second generation or 2G network introduced SMS text messaging. Today the general public prefers sending a text message to placing voice calls. 2G also introduced the ability to access media content such as ringtones on mobile phones. Today the most phones run on the third generation network or 3G networks. By the end of 2007 there were 295 million subscribers on the 3G networks worldwide and has grown since. As technology continued to advance, a wide variety of accessories became available to make the cell phones more convenient and attractive. Ear pieces allow consumers to use their phones without having to actually hold their phone. Designer covers and a huge variety of unique ringtones for phones have been developed, making one’s phone more attractive to the eye. Cell phones today are made super-skinny in order to fit in smaller spaces and not take up as much space. In 2006 technology took another step forward with MobiTV, where it is now possible to watch TV on one’s cellular phone. Today there is over $118 billion in capital investment and grows $20 billion a year. 200,000 times a day, someone uses a wireless phone to call for help. Cell phones are one of the most popular forms of technology. The world uses them on day to day bases. They will continue to advance and evolve every year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to my blog.

Hello my name is Kasey and welcome to my new blog.  Heres what you can expect to be reading here on my blog: pros and cons of technology, technology in my life, and technologies everyone uses.  Technology interests me becasue its something everybody has in common.  We all use it at school, work, or home.  Ill explain different and new technologies coming out and the way they differ from previous technologies.  Ill be posting past problems I've had with different types of technologies and maybe ways they could be improved or modified.  Technology causes pollution around the world and things are being done to help prevent it.  Games are a popular technology and form of entertainment I plan on talking about. Currency is also impacted by technology.  Money can be withdrawn or transfered, check balences, pay with credit cards, buy and sell online all using computers.  There are many interesting things to touch upon about technology.  Jobs are a important part of the economy and most jobs require some usage of technology. Technology can be abused and there are laws that help prevent them from being misused.  The use of technology determines whether its good or bad.  So look forword to more posts and blogs about the world of technology.