Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to my blog.

Hello my name is Kasey and welcome to my new blog.  Heres what you can expect to be reading here on my blog: pros and cons of technology, technology in my life, and technologies everyone uses.  Technology interests me becasue its something everybody has in common.  We all use it at school, work, or home.  Ill explain different and new technologies coming out and the way they differ from previous technologies.  Ill be posting past problems I've had with different types of technologies and maybe ways they could be improved or modified.  Technology causes pollution around the world and things are being done to help prevent it.  Games are a popular technology and form of entertainment I plan on talking about. Currency is also impacted by technology.  Money can be withdrawn or transfered, check balences, pay with credit cards, buy and sell online all using computers.  There are many interesting things to touch upon about technology.  Jobs are a important part of the economy and most jobs require some usage of technology. Technology can be abused and there are laws that help prevent them from being misused.  The use of technology determines whether its good or bad.  So look forword to more posts and blogs about the world of technology.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of possibilities, Kasey. I'd really like to hear how you define "technology" in an upcoming post. Are you speaking mainly of electric and electronic advancements in recent history? Dig a little for your full meaning here.

    Remember to write in paragraphs that are separated by a line.