Tuesday, January 19, 2010

...Computer Problem.

For this next blog entry I’m going to talk about a game I used to play, and problems I went through to play it. I started playing the online computer game World of Warcraft in high school after I got my first laptop. A couple of friends told me how fun the game was, so I took an interest. My mom had bought my laptop as an early graduation gift because I was going to go to college right after high school.

So now that I had my own computer I went ahead and subscribed to World of Warcraft and set up an account. I wasn’t good at first and it took awhile to understand how to play the game but it was fun. However once I got better at it and began understanding what to do the game became addicting. I started to play every day. After about four months of playing “WOW” as some call it, I found out that excessive playing can burn a laptop up. This was a problem that I didn’t want to happen because I needed my laptop for school. I talked to my brother about the problem and he said I could have his old desktop computer. However the computer was out of date and needed to be cleaned up.

The memory was full and I needed a lot of RAM to install my game on it. I erased everything on the hard drive, updated the operating system, and installed a larger hard drive for more space. I then installed my game and came across another problem. The desktop had windows 98 and I needed a more up to date/newer version of windows in order to play the game. I went to Best Buy and bought the newest version available of windows. After successfully updating it all I could now resume playing the game. It took a lot of time to get it all set up on the desktop but it was worth it and probably saved my laptop from taking a shit on me. I eventually leveled the character to its max and quit playing the game.


  1. One thing I take away from this story is that when dealing with technology, one must be prepared to constantly upgrade. Tell me, was all the trouble and money worth it to "level" your character "to the max"? Speaking of upgrading, I find it interesting that once you could no longer "upgrade" your character, you lost interest in the game. It seems that the world of electronics will never reach a similar limit.

  2. Wow! I can see how you wouldn’t want to burn out your laptop, I feel the same way about mine. That’s why I usually play games on a game system. But I can only imagine how much money you put into that desktop, because memory cards can be in the hundreds of dollars. Let alone getting the updated software that you needed.

    I can admit I have never played world of War Craft, just the earlier War Crafts. I still cant believe that you maxed out a character though, that had to take up a lot of time.