Monday, February 22, 2010

New Phone

I am soon due for a phone update and for this week’s blog I am going to write about the type of phone I might choose and other possible phones I want. My cell phone provider is Sprint and I have the Samsung Rant as my cell phone now. It took me awhile to get used to the phone at first but now I am really used to it. My contract for the phone is about to end here in a couple months and so that means I get to choose a new phone.

My mom just got a new phone update and she got the new Blackberry. I’ve looked at her phone and all its neat features and think that might be the phone I want. It has email, internet, and video capabilities and is a really functional phone. However I was also thinking about getting a phone that has touch screen capabilities. A couple blog posts ago I wrote about how I got my IPod touch and how I like the touch screen. Touch screen is much smoother to use and you don’t have to worry about pocket calling someone. One of the phones that not available from Sprint that I may consider is the Iphone. If I do end up choosing the Iphone I will have to change my cell provider to AT&T. But considering price wise I don’t know if I want to switch or not. The iphone would be around three hundred dollars compared to the hundred and fifty dollars with the Blackberry.

The Blackberry has buttons and a qwerty keyboard unlike the iphone. It also has a scroller that is sort of like a little touch pad. I like this because its fast like a touch screen, it lets you zoom from tab to tab and page to page. Although I really do like the iphone best out of all the phones to choose from I can’t afford to get it. I think the Blackberry is the phone I am going to go with for the update because of its price difference. It’s not as cool as the iphone but it’s still the coolest I can choose from.


  1. Remember links and pics, Kasey.

    It is amazing how many cellular phones we go through in short spans, and not really ever because they have broken or become useless. We just constantly want to upgrade. The UN just put out a report on E-waste; it is a growing problem globally.

  2. I also have sprint and go threw phones like its unreal. Sometimes i dont even get used to them before it breaks. I break them all the time and my current phone now is the blackberry and i love it! It has so many capabilities and features and is reliable. I've dropped it many times and a few times from high places and it still works fine. There is only one thing that tends to bug me about the blackberry though, sometimes it tends to freeze or go really slow. I think now all of my future phones will be blackberrys