Sunday, February 7, 2010

Movies The Easy Way

For this next blog I choose to write about being able to watch and rent movies without even having to leave your house. As everyone knows renting DVDs from local video rental stores (Blockbuster, Movie Gallery) can be expensive. Last week I subscribed to an online movie rental site called Netflix.

Netflix is a cheap and easy website for watching and renting movies. Its only $8.00 a month for unlimited movie rental. You can either request for the movie you want on a disc or you can watch it instantly. Renting DVDs only takes two to three business days to get to your house. My preference for Netflix is watching the movie instantly by streaming it on the internet. This is really convenient because instead of having to wait for the movie or go to the store and waste extra money and gas, you can watch it with just a click on the mouse.

It’s also possible to hook the computer up to a TV and watch the movie on a bigger screen. Most laptops today have HDMI connections and all that is needed is a HDMI cord to plug in the laptop to the TV. One disadvantage to watching movies instantly is if you have a slow internet connection the movie will sometimes pause to load. This can get annoying because you can get really interested into the movie and then it just stops randomly to buffer (load). It’s sort of like a small commercial break, but without the advertisements.

Netflix is over all a better and less expensive way to rent movies. Every time I go to Blockbuster to get some movies, I end up spending like $15.00 for only four movies, which is a rip off. Some stores also have late fees for not returning the movie on time, Netflix doesn’t have late fees. You’re allowed to keep the movies for as long as you want to. This is convenient because sometimes you don’t have time to watch the movie. Netflix is defiantly the best way to rent and watch movies.


  1. I was planning on trying out Netflix because i am also tired of paying so much money at blockbuster. My friends also have Netflix, and they can stream the movies over the internet and watch it on their Xbox's. I plan on trying Netflix so i can watch everything in my room on my Xbox as well. This would be very convenient, and it would also save me a lot of money. Sometimes there are movies that i would like to rent, but i choose not to because i know it costs me so much. If you choose to have the movies delivered through mail, how many can you have out at once?

  2. this post is very true. like how you can go to a vending machine and rent a movie for a dollar. I usually get my movies from block buster but i think i might change to netflix since i can get movies straight from my xbox which is also very nice but so is very convenient. the having no late fees is also something that is pretty nice to have incase you want to keep it for a little bit and watch it more then once

  3. Apparently they are going to offer the streaming serive for Wii users as well. MY wife will be excited to hear that, I think. No HD capability, though. :(

    "Netflix is defiantly the best way to rent and watch movies." What is Netflix defying?