Monday, March 15, 2010

Final Post

Blogging this quarter has changed the way of my writing more than any other class has. Learning to write posts and different ways to construct an essay are two things that I have progressed in most. Blogging is a way for people to express an opinion or review a topic. Millions of people are able to read what you write about. I’ve learned that blogging is like having a conversation over the internet. Everybody reads blogs to learn or discover something new that they don’t know.

Blogging in class has given me a chance and other students a chance to learn from each other’s writings. When I was writing my first blog, I admit I had trouble understanding how I was going to write it. Every week my posts got easier and much more interesting to write. Reading the articles by Rushkoff and Talbot, I agreed more with Rushkoffs thinking. He talked about how the internet is a good thing and was actually good for something and not anything. Learning and gaining new knowledge from other people is how you are able to do new things. For blogging, you can talk about experiences, facts and information on something, arguments, or basically anything you want to. There’s always someone that will have an opinion about what you’re saying in a post.

Blogging teaches people about culture and lets people be socially involved in the world. Sort of like texting, where you interact daily with friends and family, blogging is the same thing. Before this English course I had no experience with blogging and how important it actually is. Everyone has something to share with the world; the blogging community is filled with information to read about. Along with the good factual information, you also read a lot of bullshit.

Sharing ideas through blogging evolved our world. It’s how people are able to invent and create new things. I myself am still a “noob” to the blogging world, but I wrote about technology and how it affected me so far in life. I wrote different experiences with my Xbox, games, TVs, and computers. It’s inspired me to share more ideas with other people. I also read classmates blogs and did some commenting on their posts to. I got to compare their writings with mine and there for come up with better ways to write my blogs.

Blogging is a less formal way of writing, but still requires some etiquette. When you really get into a blog post you sometimes are able to write quite a bit and not even realize it. Saying how you felt and describing how something happened bring a picture to the person reading it. Good blogging is when you leave the reader still thinking about what you wrote. Blogging has defiantly been a good lesson in the ways of writing. It has prepared me for future classes and makes big papers seem like nothing. Blog posts can be good problem solvers. Someone usually always has a solution posted on the web.

Rushkoff, Douglas. “The Internet is Not Killing off Conversation but Actively Encouraging It”. 116-119. 15 Mar. 2010.

Talbot, Neale. “Weblogs (Good God Y’all) What Are They Good For (Absolutely Nothing- Say It Again)”. 130-132. 15 Mar. 2010.


  1. I agree with your post. Blogging is a great way to get to know someone you hardly know. It is a source of communication to others. Blogging helps people get ideas from across the world. Before I started blogging I did not know as much as I do now, about my classmates as well with what other college freshman deal with. I got to know some of the other classmates on a personal level than I normally would. We live in such a closed world no one opens up to others. Blogging helps break these walls so we have the ability to get to know another person a lot better.

  2. Interesting comments about getting to know one another, guys. Did reading each other's blogs make you a closer community than you might be without blogging?