Monday, March 15, 2010

Buying a New TV

This blog is going to be about how saving money is the only way to get the things you want. I learned the hard way when I got my T.V. Last year I bought a new flat screen TV for my room. I hadn’t had a TV for about a year due to my last one burning out and I was broke out of money. So I got a job and started saving money. After getting a job and saving up quite a bit of money, I decided I needed to open a bank account in order to further help me keep saving money. After about four to five months of work I had saved close to four hundred and fifty bucks. I had no set price I wanted to spend on a new TV but I did have a size and type picked out. I wanted a thirty two inch LCD TV or a thirty six inch LCD TV. The next thing I needed to figure out was the brand of TV. So I asked around for the least costly and most energy efficient brands there were and even checked out some websites such as consumer reports.

I narrowed it down to a thirty two inch Insignia LCD TV. The set price for it was five hundred and ninety nine dollars. This meant I only had to save like a hundred and fifty more bucks. So after about another month I had the set amount I needed to purchase the new TV. So at the end of November last year I went to Best Buy with a feeling of accomplishment because I was going home with my new TV. I walked over to the TV section of Best Buy and waited for an attendant to notice me. Once noticed, I showed the employee the TV I wanted to purchase. He went to the back and told me that they would wheel it up to the front register. I went up to the front of the store and waited for the guy to bring me the merchandise. After what seemed like the longest five minutes I noticed him approaching me with this big box that contained the thing I had been saving for.

After working and saving all this money I now get my reward for it all. The cashier rang me up and I paid in cash. The employee that brought the TV up to the front then rolled it out to my car on a dolly and helped me load it into the car. Once we somehow got it loaded into the car I thanked the guy and headed back home to hook it up. I got home and carried the awkwardly big box up stairs and into my room. I carefully then removed the packaging and Styrofoam protection from inside the box and took the TV out. I then began hooking up all the wires and plugging it all in to the satellite box. After about an hour of hooking it all up and setting up the receiver and configuring the remotes, I finally got a picture. After watching a couple of shows on the new flat screen I notice the picture isn’t as crystal clear as I thought it would be. So I start to research on the computer for the problem.

I came across a blog about potential things required for LCD TVs. One of the bloggers had posted that LCD TVs require HD satellite receivers. These receivers are meant to only play HD quality television. So I then had to call up my satellite provider, DirrectTV to ask about upgrading my regular receiver to an HD receiver. They informed me that there was going to be a charge to upgrade to a new box and that I would have to pay an additional five dollars a month for the HD channels. The total ended up coming to a hundred and fifty bucks. So I had the TV but not the picture I wanted. I started saving money again and kept depositing it into my bank account. After about saving about three hundred dollars, I called up my satellite provider again and placed an order for a new HD upgrade package. They said it would be about a week before it would arrive. A week later a delivery of the new HD box arrives.

I take it up to my room and begin to open the packaging and start the process of re-hooking up the new receiver. After I finished hooking it up, I was blown away with how much of a change the picture was. It was a big change with the new box. I was actually really impressed with the HD quality. All the colors were so bright and clear. It was like watching TV as if it were right out in front of you. The TV and the picture quality was very rewarding to me after waiting so long and being so patient. I worked hard for the money I earned and having this new TV shows me how hard you have to work to get the things you want.

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  1. Nice jon with the pics here, Kasy, but captions would be nice.